I’m gonna share some thoughts with you that’s been constantly spinning in my head. Like many of you, I like doing creative things but I always feel I have so little time to engage in everything I would like. It’s a constant struggle to finish something off, or to start new things. I want to do so many things but the time is not on my side. For instance, I would like to open a new etsy shop, I would also like to maintain my old shop fresh and lovely, I would like to have time to practice my mixing and djing skills, I would love to sew new things and maybe some clothes for myself. Guess what?

No time:)

Then I stop a little. I really don’t need to do every single thing I think of, however they might seem important. I constantly forget I need to take a deep breath and stop for a while, just letting go and not doing anything.

It’s the best way to do everything. Trust me:)


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